Welcome to Hydrobiology

Hydrobiology is an Australian environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of environmental systems with a particular emphasis on the aquatic environment.

We have key technical strengths in the areas of risk assessment, impact assessment, hydrology, ecotoxicology, freshwater and marine ecology, river mechanics, water quality, geochemistry and contaminated sediment management.

Hydrobiology’s focus is technical excellence and high level scientific expertise delivered within a commercial framework. We are able to provide our clients with the best possible understanding of environmental risk for their environmental and impact management needs.

Australian Water Quality Guidelines

We are currently working on major revisions to the ANZECC guidelines. Contact us for more details.

Science Meets Business 2017

Trang from Hydrobiology attended the Science Meets Business 2017 (SmB2017) as SETAC AU representative. SmB2017 is an annual event of Science and Technology Australia where business sectors including national and international corporates, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists together with Australian pioneers in research; commercialisation and scientists discuss how to translate and apply their knowledge and experiences. The…

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2017 Pre-wet REMP Sampling in the Fitzroy Basin

Hydrobiology’s Ecology and Biodiversity Management team have recently completed several receiving environment monitoring program (REMP) surveys across the Fitzroy Basin. There have been strong rainfalls throughout the region over the past two months, and many sites that have often been dry are now flowing. Hydrobiology have critically sampled and assessed aquatic habitat, stream flow, surface…

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